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My Forthcoming Book Projects!

Southern Cities and Social Justice: Re-Thinking the “South” and Re-Claiming Urban Spaces was awarded a 2022 Visiting Scholar Fellowship to Bordeaux, France! The book project should be concluded in 2023/2024.

Odyssée Créole: Corporer le monde dans la transgression is forthcoming this fall 2022!

Fabienne Kanor in Transgression is also forthcoming this fall 2022!


My Published Books!

Gladys Francis Love sex gender trauma in French Caribbean Gladys M Francis

Love, Sex, Gender and Trauma in the French Caribbean | Odious Caribbean Women and the Palpable Aesthetics of Transgression



I am the Honorary Sponsor | marraine of the International INESTIMABLESeries: "Towards Empowering Visual Representations of the Black Youth" at the 2021 Festival Femmes d'ici et de cinéma organized by Cinestar Caribbean Cinema.

I was recently awarded a 2022 Visiting Scholar Fellowship sponsored by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to advance innovative research related to issues of urbanism and social justice. As part of this project, several collaborative initiatives will be created through a network of cities located in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

As the Inaugural Director of the Africana Studies Center in the College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University, I nurtured projects dedicated to the critical study of the historical, literary, theoretical, and artistic dimensions of the many cultures of Africa and its Diaspora.

As the Director of  SACIdA (The South Atlantic Center of the Institute of the Americas), I coordinated academic activities and developed ties with partners and universities across the South Eastern region of the United States. SACIdA is an interdisciplinary network of advanced studies and research in the Humanities and Social Sciences that encourages global dialogue and scholarship between European and American universities. The French Ministry of Higher Education & Research and The Ministry of European Affairs are main benefactors of SACIdA.

I coordinate various conferences, symposia, seminars, and residences to encourage interdisciplinary projects across Colleges and allow creative and meaningful learning experiences and dialogues with francophone scholars, activists and artists. Some of these events include dynamic and original platforms such as workshops, master classes, creative writing and dramatic reading ateliers. Among others, I have invited: Award-winning singer, actress, and philanthropist Jocelyne Béroard (recipient of the Medal of Merit from the President of Senegal and the Legion of Honor Medal from the President of France); Award-winning author and filmmaker Fabienne Kanor; International dancer and choreographer Lénablou (recipient of the Medals of Honor and Merit); Professor Valentin M. Mudimbe; activist Kimberly Dark; Atlanta troupe Le Théâtre du Rêve; Giwayen Mata Elephant Women for the 2014 Africa-Atlanta Conference; film director, Chevalier and recipient of Medal of Honor Khadija Al-Salami; Hoda Baraka, an Award-winning author from Lebanon; Professor Carine Gendrey, a specialist of Creole studies from the University of the Antilles in Martinique, also the Director of the national and televised “Creole Dictation” and host the educational TV-show “Ti Lison;” French Caribbean drummer and activist Allan Blou, for an Artist in Residence in 2018; Soukaina, a Francophone ARTivist and artistic director based in Zimbabwe; Fola, a rapper, writer, activist and scholar from Guadeloupe; Dr.Barrel Gueye, a human rights and literacy for women's advocate from Dakar Senegal.

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I am the director of the 2016 SACIdA Conference and Workshops entitled: Islands and Identities: Memory and Trauma in comparative perspective (Georgia State University, 14-15 April 2016). During the conference, a group of writers, scholars, activists, performers, and filmmakers from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and the USA, discussed issues broadly relating to diaspora, the body, memory, trauma, resistance, and identities. Honorary speakers included: Dr. Dominique Aurélia, The University of the Antilles Martinique; Dr. Gabrielle Civil, Antioch College; Dr. Lisa Connell, West Georgia University; Dr. Jacqueline Couti, The University of Kentucky; Dr. Anny Dominique Curtius, The University of Iowa; Dr. Ananya Jahanara Kabir, King’s College London UK; Fabienne Kanor; Lénablou, The University of the Antilles Guadeloupe; Dr. Valérie Loichot, Emory University; Dr. Nadège Veldwachter, Purdue University; and Dr. Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson, from Kennesaw State University.

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I co-directed several functions, such as: “The People of Color United Project”, an umbrella for a diversity of student organizations to address issues of leadership, skill development and networking; the “Global Dissemination of Francophone Culture in the USA”, that brought to the local community artists and filmmakers from various francophone countries; various foreign film series on issues of gender, sex, race, class and neo-colonial strata affecting francophone countries /the diaspora. As a member of the Haitian Relief Effort Task Force, I advised and supervised the Students’ Haitian Relief Projects, and hosted the Wesleyan Haitian Benefit Concert of "Hearts for Haiti". I sponsored various efforts to encourage the academic, personal growth, and academic success of LGBTQ students.

I maintain broad international research, teaching and community engagement: I am the director of several exchange programs (6 months to 1 year in length) to Africa, the Caribbean, France, and South America uniquely designed to offer global internships and professional development opportunities to students, faculty, and staff while studying or teaching abroad. I have directed and coordinated various Research field Trips as well as (long and short term) Study Abroad Programs on topics of immigrations, gender-violence, migratory artifacts, francophone and African literary and cultural productions, and community activism in Europe, the French Caribbean and Africa.

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I am the Director and coordinator of “Engaging the World”, a pilot study abroad program to Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) that provides an extensive and comprehensive platform (housing, cultural activities, volunteer projects, sustainable activities, lectures with prominent Francophone authors/artists/activists, etc.) to any institutions interested in developing a Faculty-led study abroad trip to Guadeloupe.

As part of my project “Engaging the world”, I created “Engaging the Francophone world Research Initiative”, a Distance Education project similar to a MOOC platform, designed to provide live-interaction through innovative research projects between my USA-based French classrooms and francophone scholars and students based across the globe. I co-directed the building of a/n A/Synchronous Language and Cultural Learning Laboratory enabling professors to use an Instructional Web Interface for the molding of technology and learning styles assessment that comprise the designing of Network technology templates for French language instruction. In 2013, I was an awardee of a Digital Champions Fellowship that focused on innovative technologies and techniques to hybridize courses. I incorporated iPads in my Introduction to French Literature course and analyzed how efficiently students can learn in a virtual student-centered setting.

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I am the Faculty Advisor of the Foreign Language Association of Graduate Students (FLAGS) at Georgia State University. I am also the French Club@GSU Faculty Advisor (click here to access the French Club portal) and the Director of the FRench-English Social Hours program: FRESH events create connections between Francophone students and native English speakers (members develop network skills, cultural awareness, and gain speaking fluency). The program is in direct collaboration between the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the department of Applied Linguistics/ESL. It is also sponsored by the Institute of the Americas.


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